Month: November 2017

As nowadays you can buy so many different types of LED filament bulbs and all sorts of chord sets for pendant lamps, there is quite a big temptation for the DIY-minded folks to hang their own designs instead of buying a ready-made piece of pendant light or chandelier. At least, I could not resist, so I ended up creating lamps with non-conventional lampshades too.

Ikeahack pendant light

Take one — Just chords and bulbs

First, I have just bought a triple chord set and three 400lm LED filament bulbs. As we needed a quick solution, I have just started to play around with weaving the chords. Better than nothing, but I guess I will eventually change this for something slightly more sophisticated. While you don’t need to have a lampshade for this kind of bulbs, 1200 lumens aren’t too much for a bigger room like ours.

Ikea Hemma triple pendant light with Ikea Lunnom LED filament bulbs

Take two — Non-conventional lamp shade

Next time I’ve just got a couple of vintage-looking colanders from IKEA and all the other stuff from a local DIY store. All I had to do is to drill a bigger hole in the colanders for the fittings; plus cut and connect the cables. First I opted for conventional size 1000lm filament LED light bulbs, but these were just too bright and glaring, so I replaced them with three 400lm bulbs – of the smallest size you could buy.

Ikeahack pendant light with Ikea Gemak colander lampshades

Take three – Abstract lampshade

Thinking about the next lamp I needed to install I was quite sure that I would use the surplus dry cleaner wire hangers we accumulated during the last couple of years, so I started to tinker with them. As it was intended for our low-ceiling bedchamber, I just needed something small and simple with just a single light bulb, so I just bought an IKEA Hemma cord set, a big Lunnom bulb again, and started to sculpture something out of my wire hangers, fixing them with small wires which were sold with dustbin bags. Although it ended up as a rather abstract –from some perspectives quite chaotic– wireframe lampshade, it projects quite interesting shadows onto the ceiling.

Dry cleaner wire hanger lamp with Ikea Lunnom filament LED bulb

Some more photos

I hope, these photos will give you some inspiration to build your own lamps one day. 🙂

Ikeahack pendant lamp